Sirt foods attracted a lot of interest in public media for their effects in weight regulation,  especially after the reports about Adeles successfull weight reduction >>>

But SIRT food, activating epigenetic relevant SIRT enzymes,  have even more importance for healthy aging >>>

The SIRT food shot, intended for a focussed  one month SIRT food treatment contains the most active SIRT activating sirt food ingredients:

Benefits of a sirtfood® shot are:

  • Optimizes your weight management without dietary frustration. (1)

  • Offers a prebiotic formula for your gastrointestinal health. (1)

  • Acts as a ‘beauty’ shot for clean skin, healthy hair and beautiful nails. (2)

  • Contributes to collagen formation. (3)

  • Gives you strength by protecting your cells from oxidative stress. (3)

  • Strengthens your immune system and optimizes the physical defense. (4)

  • Contributes to maintaining muscle function. (4)

  • Keeps you fit through a normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and tiredness. (5)

(1) Galactomannane-Fibre (2) Zinc (3) Vitamin C (4) Vitamin D  (5) Vitamin B3

Contents: 30 drinking bottles, 25 ml each

Active ingredients & extracts

Water, partially hydrolysed galactomannans (from guar bean), sweetener: erythritol, acidifier: citric acid, green tea extract, ascorbic acid, nat. flavour, mango extract, apple extract, blueberry extract, broccoli extract, olive leaf extract,zinc gluconate, preservative: potassium sorbate, nicotinamide, preservative: sodium benzoate, sweetener: acesulfam K and steviol glycosides, cholecalciferol (vegan, from vegetables)