Could mixing COVID vaccines boost immune response?

PDF versionA trial will test a two-shot vaccine regimen that uses two types of COVID vaccine.Credit: Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle/GettyResearchers in the United Kingdom have launched a study that will mix and match two COVID-19 vaccines in a bid to ease the daunting logistics of immunizing millions of people — and potentially boost immune responses in the process.Most coronavirus vaccines are given as two injections: an initial ‘prime’ dose followed by a ‘boost’ to stimulate the immune system’s memory cells and amplify the immune response. The clinical trial will test participants’ immune responses to receiving one shot of a coronavirus vaccine produced by Oxford and drug firm AstraZeneca — which uses a harmless virus to carry a key coronavirus gene into cells — and one shot of the vaccine produced by drug company Pfizer, which uses RNA instructions to trigger an immune response.

Quelle: Could mixing COVID vaccines boost immune response?