Revitalisation and Medical SPA ProgramsClinique La Prairie‘s commitment is to help and inspire you to live a healthier, longer and better life.Our holistic approach to medical wellbeing uses a combination of progressive medical expertise, internationally trained SPA therapists and an exciting collection of traditional and alternative philosophies. Programs are created to enhance life to its fullest potential, fulfilling every physical, psychological and emotional need.We believe in a holistic and preventive approach to health. By becoming the architects of our own vitality, we have the tools to protect ourselves as we age: MEDICAL CARE, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT and WELLBEING. All our programs are built on these 4 pillars for longevity. They work together as a whole to promote energy production and cellular growth. Handpicked doctors and therapists personally oversee the philosophy and science behind our programs. We strive for perfection every day, for the highest level of detail, offering the most exclusive experience.We believe you are unique. Your health partner should be too. In an ever-faster world, Clinique La Prairie can be your sanctuary. And when you leave, you step into a different future.

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