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Personalised health conservation, disease prevention and healthy aging often needs personal advice and guidance from a person who knows you, your strong characteristics and may be some problems.

We can  exchhange with such a coach meeting and working in  personal contact but  to avoid stress we also can use modern ways, e.g  to exchange via elecronic media, Google, Zoom, Microsoft Exchange or others and to get adivice direcetly or even a  video prepared for you. This often enables a more frequent and intensive  coaching.

Here you find list of coaches and their special focus


Health Bio Care, the health company

Personal Coaching

HealthBiocare: This university- linked company provides health – and nutritional advice based on molecular analysis of genetic, epigenetic and microbiota markers. It’s the first company which does not only rely on genetic markers what is unfortunately usual with most companies.  The analysis of epigenetic markers allows a good idea of health related gene environment interactions and monitoring of success by suggested intenventions.

For many situations personalised, high quality functional  foods are  available.   Go  for a really personal  health preservation and healthy aging >>>

Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching

Dr. Ursula Jacob, medical doctor

With her long medical experience coming from cancer therapies and EBV diagnosis, her sophisticated analytical analysis in immunology and metabolic diseases and a tight cooperation with many research groups  Dr. Ursula Jacob and her clinic offers cutting edge personal diagnosis, prevention, therapies and counselling >>>

Personal Coaching

Stephanie Lilja  MA , Nutrition expert

expert in longevity science and personal food supplements

conference metabesity conference >>>


Personal Coaching

Ulrike Krammer, MD;  sport nutrition

Ulrike Kammer is deeply involved in analysis and recommendation sin personalised nutrition for different kinds of exercise and sport. She is professionally active in martial arts.


Influence of exercise training in epigenetic regulation >>>

Personal Coaching

Nutrition Coaches

Nutritional advice comes mostly from coaches with  long term experiences with clients and their problems combined with a profound scientific background as proven by edited books and educational videos.  coaches with this profile are


Christina Schnitzler >>>

Claudia Nichterl >>>




Personal Coaching

Leonida Cortez, Model

If you would like to get advice in the area of health and  anti aging from a professional model with a solid  long term background as life coach you  can ask Leonida Cortez >>>

here youtube space >>>