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TV- ProSieben ; Pro 7  featuring our work, aging  >>>

Conference OeGE, Vienna, Nov. 2020  Personalised Nutrition,  >>>

Sigmund Freud University 2020: Health,epigenetics and Salutogenesis; Vienna, 2020/8   >>>

Functional  Food Conference, San Diego; FunctionaL foods and senescence; 2020/8   >>>

Bodenseekongress: Umwelt, Ernährung und Epigenetik in einer personalisierten Gesundheitsvorsorge: Kongress link >>>  , Video Vortrag >>> 

The gut-,  brain immun-, endocrine axis, Ärzte-, Apotheker Krone  >>>

Aging, senescence >>>

Additives, plant ingredients and epigenetic >>>

From our Students: Seminars Univ. Vienna 2021

  • Epigenetic, aging, nutrition, epigenetic clock >>>
  • Immuno – Senescence, nutrition >>>
  • Cognitive decline, Alzheimer, functional foods, EGCG, autophagy  >>>
Group, downloads, info, materials

Longevity, healthy aging, caloric restriction, fasting, epigentics, senolysis-removal of senescent cells, autophagy, telomers, DNA repair, sirtuins, fasting mimetics, EGCG, Quercetin, Phloretin, Curcumin, Spermidin are at the center of interest in media and for consumers with interest in reasonable ways of disease prevention. Opportunistic over- promising health claims as well as  opportunisic over- critical comments are hampering a reasonable use of these possibilities.

Find here some publications from our group

Bioactive plant ingredients and epigenetics >>>

EGCG and telomers >>>

EGCG, resveratrol, phloretin, spermidin a pre adipocytes and senescence >>>

Fasting, sirtuins and microbiota >>>

Fasting mimetics, fasting sirtuins and microbiota >>>

Sirt shot and well being >>>

Neuro- inflammation, autophagy, functional foods >>>

Group, downloads, info, materials

EU4Nutrition LIVE

Implementing Optimal Nutritional Cancer care
at EU member state level
The event has identified concrete implementation recommendations at EU member state level and is an opportunity to explain how patients and countries can benefit from Europe’s Beating Cancer plan.


Group, downloads, info, materials
Group, downloads, info, materials

Find our presentation slides here. >>>

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Find the book of abstracts from the conference here: >>>

Group, downloads, info, materials

link to conference >>>

My key note talk will be on “Fasting and fasting mimetics address Sirtuin pathways and microbiota structure”

Presentation at the Int. Conference on Benefical Microbe Conference, ICOM, Roston on Dom; June 2010. Fasting and bioacrive food compounds improve GI microbiota and epigentic regualtion of healthy aging Caloric restriction, fasting, sirtuins, fasting mimetics, epigentivc, microniota, healthy aging >>>