Functional food of the month

This Sirt food shot plays an important role as fasting mimetic. It is proven and scientifically reported to stimulate many of the molecular mechanism which are also stimulated in caloric resriction as well as it harmonizes GI microbiota. Therefore, the SIRT food shot provides many of the health advantages of caloric restirition. The concentration of ingredients are safe and of high quality.  >>>

  • Optimizes your weight management without dietary frustration.
  • Offers a prebiotic formula for your gastrointestinal health.
  • Acts as a ‘beauty’ shot for clean skin, healthy hair and beautiful nails.
  • Gives you strength by protecting your cells from oxidative stress.
  • Strengthens your immune system and optimizes the physical defense.
  • Keeps you fit through a normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and tiredness.
Sirtfood Shot
Bioactive ingredients: more info >>>

  • Anthocyanin and anthocyanidin  from blueberry extract >>>
  • Gallic acid from mango kernel >>>
  • Phloretin from appel >>>
  • Aleuropein from olive leave >>>
  • Sulforaphane from broccoli >>>
  • Galacto Oligosacharide dietary fiber >>>
Sirtfood Shot
Sirtfood Shot